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Hello everyone! It seems like so long since I was invited to start contributing here! I’ve been in the awful and painful process of moving from an apartment into a house, so I had put most wedding related things on hold until we got settled. Now that we finally have, the planning will continue and crafting will really, finally begin!

Before my wedding hiatus, I picked and ordered my dress, designed and ordered invitations from the amazing AllieRuth Design, decided on a caterer, and booked our venue. The 4 things I was most worried about getting done asap! Out of that list, I think our venue may be my favorite aspect of our wedding day (next to marrying my best friend!).


Of course I love my dress, my invitations are perfect, the decorations will will be fun, the food delicious, and the music great to dance to. But I think over all of those things, once the day is over, I’ll remember the cabin I got ready in with my girls, the Hacienda and Thunderbird Lodge filled with our friends and family, the cabins we camp out in, and the memories we make at Puh’Tok. It’ll be more 2 days here filled with love and endless amounts of fun.

I know 1 day for a wedding is perfect for most people, but I think it’s so great that we’ll be spending 2 days and a night with everyone. I constantly hear how fast the day will fly by, so I feel that having a couple days to really take everything in and spend time with our guests will be worth it. I (hopefully) won’t feel like I missed out on anything, or didn’t get enough time to see and talk to every single person who comes. I want them all to feel appreciated, loved, and to know that it means the world to us to have them there.

Serena accompanied me to the camp the other day to look for photo spots and to see the grounds, and she took some great photos. We’ll be doing our engagement shoot here as well which I’m really happy about. Since the wedding isn’t until November, it’ll be so nice to have photos from here when the trees still have leaves and everything is so bright and beautiful.


This is the inside of the Hacienda, where the ceremony will take place. I picture the room filled with people and my future husband standing there and I can’t help but smile.

CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena03 CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena04

This big, amazing cabin will be where I get ready in the morning, as well as where we’ll camp out that night with our wedding party.


There are 2 villages of cabins on the property that we’ll be using as well as a fort that sleeps 28 people. The ones above are the Pioneer cabins that are located closest to the reception and where some of our guests will stay.

CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena06 CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena07

The camp is filled with cute signs, themed buildings, and spots that will be great for photos.

CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena08 CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena09 CampPuhtok_Kaylyn_LovebySerena10

The Thunderbird Lodge will house our reception. I loved the huge porches on the sides for a cocktail hour and the bonfire area right outside for making s’mores. The inside is perfect for dining and the front section will serve as our dance floor!


Just my little piece of advice if you’re searching for a venue for your wedding: go with your gut! When I tell people I’m getting married on a campground in November, I sometimes get some strange looks and questions. But for Tim and I, we knew a church wasn’t ‘us’ and most of the places where couples get married here just didn’t excite or feel right. It took us about 5 minutes of walking around the grounds and we knew “this is it!”. After we picked the venue, all of the other details just seemed to fall into place.

So despite our few worries of people getting lost in the woods or ruining a nice pair of shoes, we think that Camp Puh’Tok will be a perfect fit for our big day and it will be a wedding that our friends and families love and remember.

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