Three Details that Make a Winter Wedding Magical

So you’re planning a Winter wedding? Congratulations. You’re a bridal renegade. While Winter is not the most popular month to tie the knot, it is a smart season to consider. You’ll likely find greater vendor availability, meaning that venue you want may not be booked (but steer clear of holiday dates). You won’t have to worry about the sweltering heat and humidity wreaking havoc on your hair and makeup. Winter weddings are in fact, romantic. Today we’re spotlighting three details that make Winter weddings magical.

#1 Winter Accessories  Woolen mittens, a cozy scarf, wooly wraps. Winter weddings invite the opportunity to dress up your attire with a warm weather accessory. Temperatures from December to March are going to be chilly in Maryland. Plan ahead by selecting a sweet set that will keep you toasty-especially for those outdoor portraits.

Talk to your florist about ways to coordinate your florals with any accessories you plan to wear. How beautiful is this? (A Unique Boutique and Karizma Photography)

We are the Cashmans l Charm City Wed

A long-sleeve wedding gown is a stunning option for cold-weather nuptials. (We are the Cashmans)

Brittany DeFrehn Photography l Charm City Wed

Remember your ladies. Keep them cozy in coordinating wraps. (Brittany De Frehn Photography and My Flower Box Events)

Brittany DeFrehn Photographyl Charm City Wed

A fluffy white stole is angelic looking and will keep bare arms and shoulders from catching a chill. (Brittany DeFrehn Photography)

Consider clothing your bridesmaids in separates, include a lovely, winter sweater and they’ll be forever grateful.  (Kirsten Smith Photography and Floriculture Micro Farm)

#2 Intimate Indoor Ambiance Cold weather invites us in and gives us the chance to transform indoor spaces into romantic, intimate settings. Stringed lights, candles, fireplaces are all available for creating atmosphere. If your venue does not have a fireplace, no problem- most rental companies have architectural pieces available for you to rent.

Tricia Notte Images

Draping fabric sets the focus on your ceremony site and adds an ethereal quality when paired with lights. Beautiful florals frame your “I dos” perfectly. (Violet Floral Designs and Tricia Notte Images)

Core Creative Co. l Charm City Wed

We love a fireplace. There are endless ways to decorate a mantel and the ambiance they create is undeniable. (Core Creative Co. and Steel Cut Flowers)

Anabelle Dando Photography l Charm City Wed

Lights on the ceiling warm up any space and create an al fresco feeling, inside. (Annabelle Dando Photography)

Joy Michelle l Charm City Wed

Some indoor spaces are so beautiful they need only minimal decor. Simple candles and greenery on the mantel work elegantly, here. (Sweet Blossoms Events and Joy Michelle Photography)

#3 Snow You know the line from Father of the Bride when Howard, Frank’s assistant, says, “All I can say is thank God snow is white. It works. You know what I mean? It works.” He’s right. It does work. If it happens to snow on your wedding day, I have no doubt your photographer will figure out a brilliant way to make it work.

Leah Rhianne Photography l Charm City Wed

A beautiful couple and a snowy iconic Baltimore scene. That’s quite an image! (Leah Rhianne Photography)

Jennifer Starcher Photography l Charm City Wed

A whimsical photograph that warms the heart, even with all that snow on the ground. (Summertime Blooms and Jennifer Starcher)

We Are the Cashmans l Charm City Wed

Even a dusting of snow adds to the beauty for this strolling pair. (We are the Cashmans)

If you’re considering a Winter wedding, go for it. There are so many ways to personalize your day and to create a warm, inviting event for your friends and family. Think of all the things you love about Winter (don’t forget the hot chocolate and a cute pair of snow boots) and incorporate those elements into your overall design. Make it romantic, fun and seasonally delightful.


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