Mismatched Gowns on your Favorite Gals

Maybe your not a “matchy, matchy” kind of girl. Maybe your bridesmaids are so distinct as individuals that you want to showcase their uniqueness. Perhaps, you understand that one dress style may not be flattering on every bridesmaid’s figure (they’re not Rockettes after all). If any of these thoughts strike a chord than mismatched bridesmaid dresses are for you. There are several ways to approach this look, but they all create a cohesive and coordinated statement.

Mismatched Gown Style in the Same Color: Pick a color you love and allow your  bridesmaids to select a gown style that makes them feel beautiful


Manda Weaver Photography

Pastel blue looks lovely on each lady, while unique dress styles create visual interest. (Manda Weaver Photography and Wicked Willow LLC)



Loving this sophisticated neutral look. (Living Radiant Photography and Floral Studio)


Bradley Images

So many dress options in all the same color. This is a great way to give your girls choices while maintaining a unified look. Sleeveless, sure. Long-sleeves, go for it. (Bradley Images and Studio in Bloom)

Mismatched Gown Style, Monochromatic Color: Set your wedding day color palette and request that your bridesmaids select a gown in their choice of color and cut.


Three shades of teal blue create a serene and sweet feel. (Kate Ann Photography and Cache Fleur)


Violet Floral Designs of Baltimore and Katherine Zell Photography

Steel toned gray, blue and lavender gowns mix nicely on this group of lovelies. (Violet Floral Designs of Baltimore and Katherine Zell Photography)


Annabelle Dando Photography Mount Washington Dye Mill

Green gorgeousness! I love how each shade of green works with the flowers and check out their mismatched shoes as well. This look is fun and fresh. (Annabelle Dando Photography and Eventi)


Meaghan Elliott Photography

From blush to buff each bridesmaid looks radiant mixing a variety of gown styles. (Meaghan Elliott Photography and Intrigue Designs and Decor)



Another beautiful blush look. (Kate Ann Photography)

Mismatched Style and Mismatched Color: Pick a range of colors and your bridesmaids select a dress that suits them best.


A plum perfect mismatch of beautifully hued gowns makes quite a statement. This bride is not afraid of color! (Alicia Wiley Photography)


Florals By Patricia and Pat Clevenger

The mismatched gowns are striking and the coordinated florals look fabulous. Remember, not every bridesmaid needs a floral crown.  (Florals By Patricia and Pat Clevenger)



An unexpected color palette, burgundy, mauve and teal, work. Matching wraps tie the look together. (Violet Floral Designs of Baltimore and Mary Kate Anthony Photography)



Another example of how bold color choices can work together. (Core Creative Co. and Steel Cut Flowers)


Mix in Metallics to break up the Matchiness (made up word, but you get the point). Make them shine.


This is so fantastic. Muted colors paired with metallics like rose gold and gold and a perfect floral print. (Kira Nicole Photography and Joie Events)



Even rose gold and silver can get along to create a dazzling presentation. (B.O.B. Photography and Simply Beautiful Flowers)



Soft colors and hints of gold offer a modern, feminine vibe. (Candice Adelle Photography)



Another variation of subtle but stylish bridesmaid wear. (Vness Photography and An Elegant Affair)


L.A. Birdie Photography

Here the gold is a bit more pronounced but works with the coordinating peach dresses. Pretty, pretty (L.A.Birdie Photography and Della Blooms and Gifts)

If you decide to go with mismatched bridesmaids dresses remember flowers, hair, makeup, and accessories are all ways to unify the look. Take into consideration the feelings and ideas of your gals. Some women are not comfortable in shorter length dresses and some don’t want to spend the day in a strapless gown. With all the beautiful choices available, you are sure to find a dress to make them feel and look amazing.

Rosewood Farms Wedding by tPoz Photography
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