How to Get Fresh, Glowing Skin For Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants clear, naturally glowing skin. In order for your makeup artist to bring out your best features they will need a beautiful, even and clear canvas. Follow a few of these quick tips to get a clear and fresh complexion!

  • Facials

    Facials help to ensure clear skin, by brining all of the impurities to the surface. If you want to start on a regular facial regime; find a strong esthetician and set up a schedule. You should get a small series of them [3 to 4] leading up to the wedding. Make sure that your last facial is at least 2 weeks before the wedding, to make sure all of the impurities are cleared.

  • Give a good scrub

    You’ve heard this before, you have to wash your face. Find a facial wash that is gentle and cleansing and use it before bed. Falling asleep with makeup on is a great way to cause your pores to clog. If you have sensitive or dry skin, go for a cleanser that is milky and if you have oily skin aim for something with a little more astringent.

Wendy Hickok Photography

Wendy Hickok Photography

  • Toner

    Between washing your face and moisturizing you should use a toner. Toners are said to remove traces of dirt, makeup, cleanser residue and excess oil. A great all natural toner is a little diluted apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball.

  • Moisturize

    Also a skin no brainer, moisturize! After you’ve made your skin squeaky clean, you’ll need to give your face a little love. Make sure to find a facial moisturizer made for your skin type.

Timmester Photography

Timmester Photography

  • Change your pillow case

    You fall asleep each night, what is on your face ends up on your pillow. One of the things most people over look is their pillow cases. Make sure to change it regularly.

  • Exfoliate

    A gentle exfoliator should be used once a week when washing your face. This will help slough off any dead skin or buildup. Face wash products with salicylic acid help to prevent acne and naturally exfoliate skin layers quickly.  Make sure to find a gentle exfoliator and not to use it in excess.

  • Don’t touch your face

    This is hard, I know. Try not to lean on your hand while sitting at your desk. The more you touch your skin the more oils and dirt you are transferring to your skin. When you see a blemish, avoid touching it or messing with your skin. This can cause scarring and oil build up.


  • Clean your makeup brushes

    One culprit to bad skin can be found in your makeup brushes. You should clean your makeup brushes every week to two weeks to remove oil, dirt and other things that can cause bad skin.

  • Tie your hair up

    When you head to bed, on your clean pillow case; tie your hair back. If you haven’t washed your hair prior to bed, your skin will absorb any oils in your hair.

  • Cut the carbs

    It has been discussed that diets that contain a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates, are linked to more pimple breakouts than diets filled with protein, vegetable and grains. Healthy body, healthy skin!

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