Decorating Your Wedding with Potted Plants: Part 3: Table Centerpieces

Decorating Your Wedding with Potted Plants: Part 3: Table Centerpieces

Table Centerpieces help to create memorable and inviting spaces where guests can mingle and dine. Centerpieces are especially important as they set the tone for the reception and offer an opportunity for couples to personalize their wedding. Today we will explore our favorite ways to use potted plants as centerpieces. Not only are they affordable, but they are able to be repurposed and enjoyed for years to come by you and your guests.

Mixed Pot Centerpieces: When decorating with potted plants you don’t have to forgo traditional arrangements. This set-up includes potted plants with traditional low styled centerpieces. The plants spill off of the table cascading to the floor creating a lovely extension of the tablescape. || Wedding Artists Co Photography

Potted plants arranged along the end of the table create a lot of visual interest taking the centerpiece off the table Photo Credit


Mixing terra cotta pots with metallics and clear glass votives add interest to the overall look. PHOTOGRAPHY BY THE GREAT ROMANCE

Monochromatic pink pots make a nice statement when paired with blue-hued succulent varieties. Designed and Photographed by Ipsy DIY Party


A low mixture of assorted, potted cacti are trendy and stylish.


Suspended Centerpieces: Sick of the traditional centerpieces? Well, this is for you! Suspending florals creates a magical effect. Here, small pots on the table add color and interest, but the real statement is overhead. If you want this to be a touch more formal, switch out the potted netting for crystals or embroidered ropes and you have an even more finished look.

Vibrant florals look beautiful above the table and small pots, on the table, add balance.

Ferns with pink Begonias are simple and classic. Macrame plant hangers are a trendy throw-back and look elegant with all that greenery.

Remember to add texture, using a variety of plant material, for a full and romantic hanging centerpiece. Try to incorporate an upright element, something that cascades and a pop of color.

Potted Topiary: There is nothing more sophisticated than tabletop topiaries. They offer an upscale, botanical look and are simply elegant. Choosing a pot that works with your wedding style is a great way to personalize this choice, terra cotta for a classic garden feel or select beautiful glazed pots in a color that matches your wedding day palette.

Potted herbs like Rosemary and Lavender make fragrant choices. Sit them on your kitchen counter, after the big day, for easy access to fresh, snip-able herbs.

Myrtle Topiaries are so sweet. They can be manicured into a formal ball or left unclipped for a more whimsical appearance.

Next week, we wrap up our series on Decorating your Wedding with Potted Plants. We’ll check out fun ways to incorporate these functional florals into your seating assignment displays, offer ideas for great guest favors and suggest a few other options for including potted plants throughout your wedding day decor.

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Legg Mason Tower Wedding, Baltimore || Urban Row Photography
Rustic Chic Barn Wedding by Jennifer Simmons Photography

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