What We’re Thankful For 2013

There are moments in our lives when we are overwhelmed with thankfulness… landing a new job, being saved by an airbag, finding that random $20 in your coat pocket from last winter… but I most enjoy the season of Thanksgiving where we take time to reflect on everything, big and small, that we are thankful for. I know in the wedding community we are glad the wedding season is winding down for the year!

This year I am most thankful for my sweet daughter Rosetta, born this past February. She has filled my life with such joy and I couldn’t imagine life without her!


Photo: High Five For Love Photography

More reflections from other area wedding vendors:

“I am thankful for the opportunity to fill my time with things and people I love. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that I can shape my life how I want it, and… I am thankful for all those choices.”
– Natasha Sierakowski, Owner and Lead Makeup Artist at Maryland Wedding Makeup

“I’m thankful to have survived the trifecta this year of Baltimore Bride + Thanksgiving + Hanukkah. Brithanksmukkah will hopefully not happen again for a million years.”
– Janelle Diamond, Senior Editor at Baltimore Bride

“This thanksgiving I am thankful for the ability to be with family in NY and for my husband driving 8 hours in the pouring rain to make that happen!”
– Amanda McMahon, Amanda McMahon Photography

“I’m thankful for amazing clients who make my job easy and FUN! I am also thankful for my understanding and supportive husband who is also my biggest supporter – cheering for my accomplishments, as well as challenges. I’m also thankful for the joy, laughter, and love that fostering dogs from the shelter have brought to me!”
– Teri Pozniak, tPoz Photography

“I’m thankful for the ability to go out and tell stories that have meaning, and hopefully move people. Thankful for the little things… the small serendipitous moments of creativity, wonder and spark that lead us down new paths. There’s a deep gratitude for the circle of friends and family that lift me up, the collaboration between team, and having the vision to see obstacles as lessons which lead to growth.”
– Lee Morton, Owner and Videographer at Clickspark

What are you thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Maryland Engagement by Marcella Treybig Photography
Eldersburg Engagement by Photography by Brea

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