Handsome Boutonnieres for an Autumn Wedding

Sometimes, when we are planning our wedding and thinking about all those important details, the shoes, the hair, the make-up-even the invitations it is difficult to remember…the groom. You know, that fabulous guy you are marrying. We get so caught up in all the girly-ness of our big day that oftentimes the Groom’s role is relegated to- “showing up”. There are so many ways to involve your partner in the planning, making it just as much their wedding day as it is yours. In all fairness, most men probably do have an opinion on the catering, music and maybe the menswear, but the florals, perhaps not so much.

Today we’re going to talk about Autumnal Boutonnieres and how to work with your florist to get a style that your husband-to-be will enjoy wearing. After all, that little element will be visible in your wedding photos, forever. Boutonnieres can be masculine (if that’s what you’re going for) and Fall is a great time for these rustic, handsome details.

Cameron and Fairbanks Floral Design l Charm City Wed

Hops are a fun addition to any boutonniere and not just for the beer enthusiast. Their shape and color add interest. Paired with dark Privet berries this is an elegant look. (Cameron and Fairbanks Floral Design )


Spotted Stills Photography l Charm City Wed

Berries, before they’re ripe (no stains, please) add a sweet texture and when paired with deep wine colored Nigella the look is quite sophisticated. (Sophisticated Florals and Spotted Stills Photography)


Toya Laperna Photography l Charm City Wed

Pink can most definitely be manly. Here a sweet pink Dahlia looks dapper with a sunny yellow Craspedia, Red Gomphrena and Seeded Eucalyptus. All this color is fun and looks fabulous with that tie. (The Poppy and the Peony and Toya Laperna)


Earthmark Photography l Charm City Wed

Feathers, Acorns, Blue Thistle, Hypericum Berries, Northern Sea Oats, Bunny Tails and jute make up this winsome Fall gathering.  (Floriculture Micro-Farm and Earthmark Photography)


Sue Hines Floral l Charm City Wed

A pocket insert boutonniere is a unique idea. Who doesn’t want blooming pockets? Here, an assortment of greens is all that’s needed to create a smart and stylish look. (Sue Hines Floral)


V V Raven Photography l Charm City Wed

Another good-looking pink, Dahlia boutonniere. Love the addition of grasses and spiky, Thistle. (Jo Thorndike Flowers and V V Raven Photography)


Julie Cate Photography l Charm City Wed

Acorns, again and two sweet bouts. Remember, boutonnieres should not be the size of a corsage. Small and stately is best. (Local Color Flowers and Julie Cate Photography)


Alexandra Meseke l Charm City Wed

Burlap leaves, feathers, and dried florals create a masculine, natural look. (Floriculture Micro-Farm and Alexandra Meseke)


Alexandra Meseke l Charm City Wed

Raw Cotton makes for an earthy boutonniere. Their pods are a rich, brown and they need little else to make a statement. (Floriculture Micro-Farm and Alexandra Meseke)


Don’t ever let anyone tell you flowers aren’t for men, they most certainly are- Depending on your gentleman’s style and the garments he’s wearing on your wedding day, the boutonniere he (and his groomsmen) sport can be attractive and fitting to his personality. I’ve seen fishing lures, shotgun shells, and leaves made out of book pages used to tailor to the groom. Talk with your florist about how to tie in a personalized, boutonniere concept with the rest of your wedding day flowers,


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