Decorating Your Wedding With Potted Plants: Part 1: The Entry

Decorating Your Wedding with Potted Plants: The Entry


Potted plants may not be the first detail you think of when planning your wedding, but their versatility and availability make them a worthy consideration. As high-impact organic element, potted plants are an affordable alternative to more labor-intensive floral installations and can be enjoyed for years to come in your home or landscape. Whatever your aesthetic, there is sure to be a potted choice that suits your needs!

  • Potted ferns can be both traditional or boho depending on how they are incorporated.
  • Cactus and succulents are trendy and modern.
  • Classic plants like boxwood, olive and herbs offer a time-honored quality.

Here are a few of our favorite lined entryways.

  1. Give your guests a botanical welcome. Potted Hydrangeas are simply stunning lining this drive. After the wedding they can be planted in your garden and enjoyed year after year. Hydrangeas come in a variety of sizes and colors and bloom ALL SUMMER!

Hydrangeas are big, bold and romantic. They are available in many color options from cool blues and lavenders to red, pink and lime. White Hydrangeas would work for any wedding palette.

2. For the more vintage minimal look, line your aisle with small potted herbs to give you a subtle and muted look.

Image from

Monochromatic pots are sleek and modern while Lavender and Rosemary offer a fragrant choice.

3. For the boho fan, this variety of assorted plants is wild and adventurous.  Framing the entrance of your venue with an assortment of potted plants makes an eye-catching first impression. Using a variety of texture and varying height gives a layered look.

This wild and wayward framing of the door piques interest and provides a glimpse of what's ahead for the wedding day. Credit: Sposto Photography

This wild and wayward framing of the door piques interest and provides a glimpse of what’s ahead for the wedding day.

4. Potted, manicured shrubs paired with a welcome sign is a sweet way to receive guests, on your special day. This look is both formal and fun.

Potted Boxwoods and Daisies flank the welcome sign to the reception. Image courtesy of

At the entrance to the reception, potted Boxwoods and daisies, as seen above, would be perfect flanking your front door.

5. Any blooming trees from the Roses (below) to Hibiscus or Hydrangea make for a beautiful and romantic greeting.

Tall potted Roses pruned as trees draped with sheer fabric create a unique and romantic decoration for your entryway. Image sourced from

Personalizing a blooming tree with ribbon or sheer fabric makes them wedding-worthy.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to use a variety of potted plants to give you a unique and finished look to your wedding.

Next week, we have ideas for incorporating potted plants down the aisle and at the altar.


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