Decorating Your Wedding With Potted Plants: Part 2: The Aisle and Altar

In part two of our series, Decorating Your Wedding with Potted Plants, we focus on decorating your aisle and altar. We have some stunning examples that are both affordable and stylish. And remember, you can repurpose all of these floral accents, after the wedding.

Down the Aisle


1.Tall Potted Trees: Lining your aisle with tall potted trees provides a natural and airy runway for you to walk the aisle. Greenery softens an industrial, venue space creating a park-like feel. These trees could also be used in an outdoor space which is open and flat to create a more romantic and intimate look to a lawn.

Consider a tree type that will also work in your landscape. Wispy Willow trees if you’re near a pond or perhaps fruit trees if you’d like a small orchard. The green wall, in this image, provides a gorgeous backdrop, but this look could be attained by grouping three additional potted trees, at your altar.

2. Shrubs: If a more structured look is what you’re going for, manicured potted shrubs, like the boxwoods below, create formality. This is for the bride who wants a traditional English garden feel. Gold Chiavari chairs help to elevate this look which is simple, classic and clean.

Boxwoods are a readily available choice, but Privet and Japanese Dwarf Holly are alternative ideas

3. Potted Flowers: By selecting potted foliage and florals that match your wedding day palette you can create a vibrant and stylish display. No need to run your florals all the way down the aisle. You can space single colorful plants every few rows for a high-impact look.

Brightly colored flowers like Begonias, Petunias and Portulacas would look beautiful. Also, consider foliage plants like Caladium, Coleus and Heuchera for a brilliant color display.

4. Using a variety of textures and colors creates a garden-like theme down the aisle. Remember to leave enough room for you to easily walk down the aisle. You don’t want your dress or veil getting hung up. Grouping mismatched pots and mixing foliage and florals provide a lush look.


At the Altar

1 . Define a ceremony space with potted plants while still maintaining an industrial chic vibe with a lot of character.  Monochromatic pots give this a cohesive look and large-scale cactus coupled with feathery tropical plants give this altar depth and interest.

Adding a variety of candles sets a romantic mood and softens the brick and metal that surrounds this space. Carrying a few sprigs of greenery down the aisle draws the eye toward the ceremony site.

2. Unique potted trees in colorful pots, are all you need for a one-of-a-kind backdrop. Large, cobalt blue pots with fruit trees are a Mediterranian dream. This look is fresh and modern.

Select pots that convey your wedding style. Classic terra cotta or –colored, glazed pieces will all work.

3. Elevate a few pots and use a variety of plant types, sizes and textures. Forals that are suspended in geometric shapes create a trendy and stylish altar and add a pop of rich color.

4. A Potted Backdrop: While this may require power tools, building a structure on which to place your potted plants creates a unique and rustic look to your ceremony space. For this altar, planter boxes are attached to a tall slatted board. You could later repurpose this structure in your backyard. (On a side note: this would require some handiwork. It is not hard to build but stability is key here ladies!!)


Next week we’ll share lovely ways to use potted plants for seating assignments and guest favors.Photo Credits: Image 1 (, Image 2 (, Image 3 (Gia Canali Photography), Image 4 (, Image 5 (Katie Prichard Photography), Image 6 (Raymond Hom Photography), Image 7 (One Love Photography), Image 8 (Heidi Ryder Photography)

Rustic Chic Barn Wedding by Jennifer Simmons Photography
Boho Backyard Wedding in Elkridge, Maryland || Megan Elizabeth Photography

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