Dessert Favors

Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not you should provide each guest with a favor? Often when choosing a favor, the choice comes down to: should it be edible or something that each guest can take home with them? It truly is dependent on the look and feel of your wedding and what your guests will enjoy most; however, people love food, especially at a wedding! There are so many great options for dessert favors. With dessert, you can individually wrap the favor and tie it with a custom ribbon or thank you note too!
Dudley's Desserts Vegan Whoopie Pies

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Here’s a few of my top suggestions for dessert favors at your wedding:

  • Cupcakes: Depending on what you are having for dessert at your wedding, cupcakes is always a fun option. There are great cupcake boxes available that have a clear top so you can see what’s inside. An edible logo or topper can be created for each cupcake that will match the colors and theme of your wedding.
  • Cookies: Decorated sugar cookies are always a big hit. You can choose the shape/design and how it is decorated. It can be your initials or a heart or something to reflect the theme.
  • Mini Donuts: Why Not! Who doesn’t love a mini cinnamon and sugar or glazed donut? Your guests will most likely eat them before dinner is even served.
  • Candy Bars: You can set up different sized mason jars, provide your guests with bags and allow them to create their own goodie bag. So much fun!
  • Chocolate: Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are so many chocolate options. Candy bars where the wrapper has your name/date of the wedding, mini bags of Hershey kisses or customized m&m’s or one of my favorites, cake pops.


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Hopefully some of these ideas will assist you in determining what to give your guests for a favor. Happy wedding planning!

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