Planning 101: Childcare at Weddings

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding: the venue, the cake, the flowers, the rings, and the list goes on and on. What many couples may not think about are childcare options at their wedding. Few weddings have invitation lists that don’t include couples with children, so having a good plan on how to accommodate all of your guests is a great idea. Whether you choose to allow children at the wedding or not, there are many options for entertaining kids and keeping them happy, which will keep you happy on your big day!

Some great ideas for a kid-friendly wedding:

  • Outdoors? Think of having a few kid toys or lawn games to keep them busy, such as: bubbles, hula hoops, marbles, dress up props (maybe use the props from your photobooth if you’re having one!)
  • Want to take that a step further? Consider renting a bounce house. Nothing makes a kid happier than a bounce house! (And who’s to say you can’t jump in it yourself?)
  • Indoors? Consider having a “Kids Table” or even a “Kids Room” if space allows. The Kids Table can include coloring books, crayons, paper to make paper airplanes and crafts, kids snacks, and even a table covering that can be colored on (check out the photo below!)
  • A great idea for picky eaters is to see if your caterer provides a children’s meal for kids attending the wedding. Many caterers do (such as Chef’s Expressions) and it will make the kids feel special that they have gotten something ‘unique’ to eat!

Photo Credit: Sarah Culver Photography

Not having a kid friendly wedding? There are still some great options to accommodate your guests:

  • Compile a list of local babysitters that are available on the day/evening of your wedding to offer to your guests. This should include babysitters that you either personally know or having been used by someone you know to give peace of mind to the parents.
  • Consider hiring a babysitter/nanny service to come to the hotel or reception venue to watch the children of the guests. Many local nanny agencies offer this service, including The Nanny Network, LLC. This allows the children to be close by for parents to check on, but still not in the midst of the festivities.

Photo Credit: Love by Serena

Happy Planning!

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