Planning 101: Average Wedding Party Costs

Lets face it: Weddings can get expensive. But one thing to consider is this: Brides, grooms, and their parents aren’t the only ones paying to be a part of the big day. Many couples don’t realize it, but the cost of being a bridesmaid or groomsman can really add up.

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Here, we’ve provided a general breakdown of average costs (in the Greater Baltimore area) for you to consider. The overall cost for each bridesmaid or groomsman will completely depend on the “feel” of the wedding. Some weddings are more laid back than others. For example: If bridesmaids are allowed to pick any dress they’d like to wear, in a general color type, it may cut costs quite a bit (as opposed to having them get uniform dresses, which may not fit perfectly on everyone – leading to additional alteration costs).

Bridesmaid: $500-1000

  • Bachelorette Party: $50-100
  • Dress: $75-200
  • Hair: $70-150
  • Makeup: $70-125
  • Shoes: $20-100
  • Gifts (Wedding/Engagement/Shower): $150-200
  • Alterations (optional): $50-75
  • Hairpiece (optional): $25-50

Groomsman: $300-500

  • Bachelor Party: $50-100
  • Tuxedo/Suit (Rental/Purchase): $150-300
  • Shoes (Rental/Purchase): $20-50
  • Gift: $50

Just make sure you keep these costs in mind, when planning your wedding. It’s always great to be knowledgeable about costs and shop around (especially for the attire), when it comes to your closest friends and family.

Happy Tuesday!

The Belvedere Wedding by Wendy Hickok Photography
Mountain Branch Wedding by Krista A. Jones Photography

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